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You Can Become a Chimesmaster

Each spring semester, the Cornell Chimesmasters hold an open competition to find new chimesmasters for the upcoming years. This ten-week event is open to all members of the Cornell community. No previous experience in chimes-ringing is needed, but you should be able to read music and climb 161 steps.

Although this is called a competition, compets are not really competing against each other. Rather we look for a certain level of excellence as you progress through the ten week competition. There is no quota. Some years we accept one new chimesmaster, some years three or four; we average about two new players each year.

If you would like additional information about the competition, please email us at

Watch a Chimesmaster in Action

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Current Chimesmasters

The 2017-18 Cornell Chimesmasters (not all pictured): Josh Chan '18, Sonya Chyu '19, Emma Jacob '20, Keith Jenkins '93, Ilia Karp '15, John Lee '18, Emily Liu '20, Jennifer Lory-Moran '96, '97, Gretchen Ryan '97, Hans Slechta '20, Billie Sun '19

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