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Cornell Chimes Merchandise

All Cornell Chimes merchandise is available exclusively at the Cornell Store. Call 1-800-624-4080 or follow these links to order online: Music from the Tower compact disk is $15. The Cornell Chimes book is $24.95.

The Cornell Chimes: Music from the Tower

CD Cover

Music from the Tower, the newest CD in the Cornell Chimes music collection, is a 23-piece recording, grouped into 5 categories: Cornell Songs, Original Compositions, World, Classical, and Popular Music, to highlight the diverse array of music that rings daily from McGraw Tower. The individual pieces were selected to showcase the chimesmasters ever-expanding musical talents.

The Cornell Chimes
by Ed McKeown

Book Cover

This comprehensive history of the Cornell Chimes and McGraw Tower — published on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the tower — contains more than 50 archival photos and illustrations, anecdotes and memoirs. Beginning with James O'Neill, class of 1871, who was moved by the inaugural-day concert to petition President Andrew D. White for permission to play the bells, chimesmasters from throughout Cornell's history tell the story of the changing campus and the changing times.

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