Listen to the Bells

McGraw Tower with cherry blossoms

Listener to a concert from Olin Library's steps.

If you are on campus, we recommend listening to a concert from the Donor Terrace adjacent to McGraw Tower, the Arts Quad, or even attending a concert in-person by climbing the tower's 161 steps. For those of you in more remote locations, the digitized sound will have to do.

The chimesmasters follow a three-week music selection rule to keep variety and diversity in the concerts ringing from the tower. The notable exceptions are the "Jennie McGraw Rag" that starts each morning concert, the "Alma Mater" which is played at the end of the afternoon concert, and the "Cornell Evening Song" which concludes the evening concert.

You can listen to these three pieces played on the Cornell Chimes by clicking on the title below.  The player will open in a new window. More music from the Cornell Chimes is available on CD.